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Shrinkieslives?The field of the invention relates generally to metal detectors and, more particularly, to metal detectors using a time domain reflectometry system. In order to meet the high requirements for the security of material and energy, such as oil, gas and nuclear energy, many kinds of inspection methods for the security of material and energy have been developed. For example, the inspection methods include some common technologies for detection and quantification of the presence of undesirable material, such as nuclear material, nuclear weapon, explosive materials, explosive remnants and other dangerous substances, like the border inspection system (BIS), the X-ray scanning system, the thermal imaging system, the eddy current inspection system, the laser-induced plasma spectroscopy and others. In general, a metal detector is one of the most sensitive and efficient inspection technologies to measure the radio frequency (RF) magnetic flux of the metal. In particular, metal detectors are commonly used in the application of nuclear detection and they are also commonly used to inspect containerized cargo shipments. In such cases, the metal detector often detects metal objects, such as the metal frame of the fuel container, iron piping, chain link fence, and the like, in addition to other conductive materials, such as the metal frames and the metal sides of vehicles and the ferrous parts of metal containers. Thus, the detector typically measures the strength of the RF magnetic field created by the metal object. With the advancement of digital technology, especially the advancement of digital technology and the widespread use of wireless communication techniques, there is a growing need for more efficient metal detectors. For example, RF communications of vehicles, such as trains, buses, and the like, are becoming more common. In addition, there is a need for more efficient detectors for containerized cargo shipments. Thus, the majority of metal detectors in the market today are still analog detectors. Therefore, an analog detector for detecting metal objects is needed to provide an effective solution for the aforementioned applications. However, analog metal detectors are inadequate for a number of reasons. First, analog metal detectors are analog signal detectors. An analog signal detector is prone to “false alarms” caused by analog interference. Second, analog metal detectors are limited in terms of their sensitivity. The operation of analog metal detectors requires a stable and strong local RF magnetic field (i.e., at least 1-5 gauss) with low or no interference, which is difficult to achieve with a single, fixed transmitter and receiver. Third, the high cost of



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STONELOOPS! OF JURASSICA Juego Spanis Hack Torrent
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